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Why Swimmers Need to Care for Their Teeth

Posted on 12/15/2018 by Everwell Dentistry
Why Swimmers Need to Care for Their TeethDo you like to idle your summers away by the pool? If you're no stranger to swimming, then it may not come as a surprise that you're at an increased risk of damaging your tooth from your beloved sport.

Swimmers are more prone to have stained, sensitive, and damaged teeth when compared to the general population. But what causes this odd phenomenon?

Swimmer's Calculus: No, We're Not Talking about Math!

Nobody likes to find out that their favorite pastime can be taking its toll on their teeth. Many of us work out to stay healthy and in shape and discovering that something as enjoyable as swimming may be ruining our teeth can be a damaging blow to our morale.

Swimmers are extremely vulnerable to something called “swimmer's calculus." In layman's terms, that means that the more time you spend in chlorinated water, the higher the chance your teeth will become discolored. Research indicates that athletes that spend six hours or more in the pool are more likely to have yellow or brown teeth.

If you thought that was bad enough, it gets worse. Over time, frequent exposure to a pool with an improper pH can cause your teeth to start to dissolve over time. Yes, it's true. The more the pH is off in your pool, the worse the outcome for your teeth. Severe erosion can occur in as little as a month!

What Can I Do?
If you suspect that your teeth aren't as healthy and bright as they used to be, and you're an avid swimmer, don't despair!

Make sure you make frequent visits to our office to clean off any buildup that can form on your teeth. While swimmer's calculus can be unsightly, it's highly treatable.

As far as your teeth dissolving goes, be sure to have your pool checked by a professional to ensure the pH is correct. If it is, your risk of losing your teeth is greatly reduced.

If you're noticing any staining or discoloration on your teeth, please give our office a call today to schedule a comprehensive dental exam with a cleaning. We can help restore your smile to its beautiful splendor!
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