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We want every patient to come to their dental visit with absolute peace of mind that everything in our office, right down to the very air they breathe, meets even the most rigorous of patient health and infection control standards.

Please click on the link below to read about our updated office protocols and added environmental safeguards in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to protect our patients and staff.

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Kids Dentistry
Ann Arbor, MI

Just like adults, children need professional dental care in addition to their regular oral hygiene routine at home. However, the needs of your child are very different from your own. With a mouth that is continually growing and developing, your child requires very special care to help ensure that their mouth develops properly and remains healthy. At Everwell Dentistry, we can provide your child with the care they need in a safe and comfortable environment.

•  - It is recommended that your child is seen for their very first dental visit no later than six months following the eruption of their first baby tooth, or by their first birthday. This early visit is designed to get to know you and your child and start getting your child acclimated to our office. We perform a quick examination of their mouth and clean any teeth that are present. We also use this exam to discuss with you proper care for their little teeth, the benefits of fluoride, and a proper diet for good oral health. As your child grows, we can custom tailor their treatment just for them.

•  - As a parent, your child having an emergency can be a scary situation. This is no different with dental emergencies. Your first instinct may be to take your child to the emergency room. The truth, however, is that we are often more appropriately equipped to deal with the dental emergency your child is experiencing.

Children can experience some different dental emergencies, including bitten lips or tongues, broken or lost teeth, or damaged dental work. When an emergency arises, it is important that you call us right away. We can advise you on the best course of action and get your child scheduled for an emergency visit as soon as possible.

•  - Orthodontic issues can begin presenting themselves pretty early on. These issues include overcrowding, an off bite, impacted canines, and more. It is recommended that your child have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. By this time, the adult teeth have begun to develop. An orthodontic evaluation allows us to determine the presence of any orthodontic issues as well as the potential for issues. By determining these issues early, we can then create a treatment plan that will help to ensure that the mouth of your child grows and develops properly. In some cases, we can provide early treatment, which can help to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for orthodontic work later in life.

•  - If your child plays sports that are considered contact or high impact, like football, soccer, baseball, or martial arts, a sports guard, or mouth guard, is a must. A sports guard is meant to protect the teeth and the intraoral tissues from serious injuries. A properly fitting sports guard can also protect against jaw injuries and dislocation as well as concussions. We can provide your child with a custom fit sports guard, made from impressions of their mouth. Custom sports guards are made with the best materials and are extremely durable. They can be made as a single tray to cover just the upper teeth or two trays, allowing coverage for all of their teeth.

•  - Brushing twice a day is an essential part of maintaining your oral hygiene. However, despite your best efforts, you may have difficulty reaching certain areas of your mouth. Your molars have cusps on the chewing surface, which creates deep crevices. Food particles and bacteria can gather in these spaces, and it can be difficult, if not impossible, for the bristles on your toothbrush to reach, leading to tooth decay. At Everwell Dentistry, we can help you to maintain the health of your teeth with sealants.

If you have any questions about our dental services for your child, or you want to schedule an appointment for them, please call Everwell Dentistry at (734) 973-0000 today.
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