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We want every patient to come to their dental visit with absolute peace of mind that everything in our office, right down to the very air they breathe, meets even the most rigorous of patient health and infection control standards.

Medical History Review Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor dentist talking to patient about their medical history at Everwell Dentistry.When you step into the office, you are presented with some forms to fill out. Included in these forms is a paper asking you about your medical history. Many people are confused as to why a dentist would need to know their medical history, and may skip the page or not fill it out completely. The truth, however, is that knowing your medical history is a crucial part of providing you with quality, effective dental care. At Everwell Dentistry, we review your medical history regularly to ensure you get the care you need.

Oral Health and Whole-Body Health

Believe it or not, your oral health and your whole-body health are connected. Many medical conditions can have a significant impact on your teeth, your gums, and the other structures in your mouth. At the same time, oral health issues can affect your overall health. For instance, advanced stages of gum disease can allow bacteria to travel into the bloodstream, where it can then travel throughout the body and cause issues such as heart disease and diabetes. Any existing health conditions can impact the types of procedures that you can receive. To provide you with safe, effective care, it is imperative that we know any pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Your Mouth is the Window to Your Health

Your mouth is essentially a window to your overall health. It provides us with a very informative view of what is happening inside your body. Sores, lesions, infections, dry mouth, and other issues that may only appear to affect your mouth at the time can be indicative of a systemic condition that you might not even be aware is present. Detecting these symptoms allows you to get the treatment you need, whether that treatment is dental or medical, to restore your health. In some cases, such as the early detection and treatment of oral cancer, can be life-saving.

Detecting Potential Interactions

Part of your medical history review includes listing what medications you are currently taking. This list should include long-term medications as well as medications you may only be taking temporarily to treat an issue. Knowing your medications is important because certain types of medications may interact negatively with any medications that we may need to prescribe for you. Medications may also cause interactions with sedation. Make sure that you update your medication list at every appointment so that we can continue to tailor your care to your needs.

Preparing for Emergencies

Knowing your medical history can be incredibly helpful in the event of an emergency. This includes knowing your medications as well as any pre-existing conditions that you have. In the event of an emergency, we do not have to worry about trying to get the information from you when you may not be able to provide it. We can then help to provide you with the best emergency dental care possible.

Joint Replacements and Stents

If you have any artificial components in your body, such as a knee, hip, or shoulder, or you have a stent in your body, it is imperative that we know this information. When you have artificial body parts, you may need to take an antibiotic before undergoing certain dental procedures, including dental cleanings, to reduce your risk of developing an infection. We will be able to tell you how long to take your antibiotics and which ones are needed. Taking these antibiotics is essential for reducing the risk of serious complications.

Knowing your medical history helps us to provide you with the best possible dental care. For more information, call Everwell Dentistry today at (734) 973-0000.
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Medical History Review | Everwell Dentistry - Ann Arbor, MI
At Everwell Dentistry, we review your medical history regularly to ensure you get the care you need. Call us to schedule an appointment.
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