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We want every patient to come to their dental visit with absolute peace of mind that everything in our office, right down to the very air they breathe, meets even the most rigorous of patient health and infection control standards.

Dental Cleanings and Exams Ann Arbor

Man receiving a dental cleaning by Ann Arbor Dentist at Everwell Dentistry.Taking care of your teeth at home is incredibly important, but coming in for your six-month checkup is equally as important. Everwell Dentistry wants you to look and feel your best all year long. At your checkup, we perform cleanings and examinations to help you to achieve long lasting health and a glowing smile. If you have not been in for quite some time, be sure to schedule an appointment today.

What Is a Six-Month Check-Up?

While you may take great care of your teeth, we still recommend that you come in at least two times a year for a check-up. Similar to how a physical is important to make sure that your whole body is healthy, a six-month checkup at the dentist ensures the health of your mouth and throat. Even those who take the best care of their mouths may still miss spots and can still suffer from gum disease or infection. These checkups provide cleanings and examinations not only to see if your mouth is in tip-top shape but to stop problems before they become more drastic and damaging.

What Happens During a Cleaning?

The first thing you will experience when coming in for your checkup is a general dental cleaning. Many of our patients take excellent care of their mouths outside of our office. However, even in doing so, they still miss plaque in some hard to reach places that can ultimately lead to quite a bit of trouble. You see, this plaque hardens over time, turning into tartar and calculus. These provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, meaning that you are at a higher risk for decay and gum disease.

What Happens During an Examination?

The examination will take place after we have finished with your cleaning. During the exam, we will inspect all of your teeth to look for abnormalities and imperfections on the surface. This can include disease (which can, if caught early enough, be reversed by the cleaning), decay, general wear and tear, chips, or cracks. We will also take digital x-rays to look for damage beneath the outer surface of your teeth and below your gums. Finally, we will conduct an oral cancer screening in which we will search for certain key symptoms to help notice any issues sooner, rather than later. This way, we can ensure that you are getting the right kind of treatment when it will be the most effective.

Everwell Dentistry is more than happy to provide these services for you and your family to consistently maintain your oral hygiene. We want to help you nip oral health problems in the bud and prevent painful and costly procedures later on. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.
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Everwell Dentistry is committed to your complete oral health and radiant smile! At your checkup, we perform cleanings and examinations to help you to achieve long lasting health and a glowing smile.
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