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Do You Accidentally Damage Your Enamel?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Everwell Dentistry
Do You Accidentally Damage Your Enamel?Your tooth is made of several layers. The outer of your tooth is known as the enamel. This layer is the toughest tissue in your body. Its toughness is meant to protect your tooth from bacterial intrusion. Taking good care of the enamel is vital due to the role it plays. Any damage sustained by the enamel puts your tooth at risk of infection. As much as the enamel is the hardest tissue in your body, it can be damaged. You can accidentally damage your enamel by biting on hard foods, physical accidents, and brushing too hard.

Biting on Hard Foods

The enamel will sustain damage when exposed to excessive pressure. One habit that creates that kind of pressure is biting on hard foods. Foods like ice are extremely hard to bite on and could distort the enamel. This happens when cracks develop due to excessive pressure. As a result, your tooth is exposed. You will start experiencing tooth sensitivity due to the exposed dentin. This can be very painful and uncomfortable. Therefore, you should avoid chewing on hard foods to help maintain your enamel.

Physical Accidents

The enamel will also sustain damage when you get involved in an accident. The pressure exerted on your teeth in such situations can be too much to handle. In some cases, collusion when playing physical games can also affect your enamel. This is dangerous because severe accidents could lead to total loss of your tooth. To prevent such instances, you are encouraged to wear protective mouth guards when playing physical sports. This will help limit the damage to your teeth.

Brushing Too Hard

As much as brushing is meant to protect your teeth from bacteria, brushing too hard can damage your enamel. Therefore, you should brush your teeth gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Contact us for more information on the causes of enamel damage.
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