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The Easy Guide To Understanding Mini Implant Dentures

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Everwell Dentistry
The Easy Guide To Understanding Mini Implant DenturesIf you do not want or cannot receive a conventional dental treatment, then you are more likely to get mini implant dentures in order to replace your lost or damaged teeth. It is a new technique designed to resolve the shortcoming faced in implementing standard dental implants. Mini implants are less painful and less invasive compared to standard dental implants. They do not require bone grafts or numerous surgeries. Therefore, the can be also less expensive.

Mini Implant Components

Mini implants relate to small implants placed in your mouth that do not need to fit entirely in your jaw. The implants' solid pieces have a diameter of three millimeters which screws into your jaw bone. Although they resemble standard dental implants, they are smaller in size. The mini implants compose of a titanium post that has a ball in the end and a socket part that has an O-ring that attaches to the tooth and later to your jaw.

Mini implant dentures can replace most of your teeth types. They are also placed in bridges, to fix your crown and support the loose lower arch dentures. The use of titanium metal is common to secure the implant to your jaw. The rod of the metal acts and mimics how your natural tooth moves. Upon completion of mini implant dentures, your healing process starts and the titanium and your bone fuse permanently.

Reasons For Choosing Mini Implants Dentures?

For people who lack the bone mass in their jaw to support a regular implant, you can opt for a mini-implant denture since they are less invasive and less painful to install. They offer a better option for adults who suffer from tooth loss in accidents or damage. The mini implants are quicker to install and can replace any tooth in your mouth. Most importantly they help prevent facial collapse and damage to other tissues in your mouth. For further information about mini implant dentures, contact our offices today!

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