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We want every patient to come to their dental visit with absolute peace of mind that everything in our office, right down to the very air they breathe, meets even the most rigorous of patient health and infection control standards.

What to Do if You Notice Tooth Pain

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Everwell Dentistry
What to Do if You Notice Tooth PainTooth decay is a process that leaves you with cavities, bills, and toothaches. It is a good idea to act immediately if you suspect you have tooth decay. Call our office to get some help with your tooth pain.

The Process of Tooth Decay

Do you have tooth pain? This could be an early stage of tooth decay. When the dentin or tissue under the enamel of your tooth is affected, you will feel it. As the bad acids bore into your tooth, the dentin decays. At this stage, the nerves housed in the dentin become aggravated and cause pain. You may notice a sensitivity to hot or cold foods. It is not uncommon to feel a sharp pain when you have sugary foods as well.

Next, the innermost layer of your tooth is affected. The pulp contains the nerves and blood vessels. When damage to the pulp occurs, it starts to swell and puts pressure on the nerves. Finally, as tooth decay advances, bacteria invades the innermost part of the tooth. Inflammation levels soar, and a pocket of pus usually forms at the bottom of your tooth. This is called an abscess. This is an infection that may cause severe pain and requires immediate attention.

We Want to Help You Avoid Tooth Decay

At the first sign of a dental problem or toothache, give our office a call. We want to help you avoid tooth decay which can be costly and painful. It is also important to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. You can also rinse with warm salt water to reduce inflammation. Make sure you are brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing with a fluoridated mouthwash each day. Be proactive in your dental care, and call us if you have a dental problem.

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