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When Are Water Flossers the Better Option for Your Mouth?

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Weo Admin
When Are Water Flossers the Better Option for Your Mouth?A floss by any name is a floss. Well, admittedly, with certain perceptible differences. Although the normal floss is what our dentists usually recommend for most people, there is another variety called the water floss or water pick. This is recommended in certain special circumstances and shouldn't be considered unless explicitly suggested by our doctors.

What are Water Flossers?

Flossing is an integral part of dental health care that can have both short term and long term benefits. It prevents the build-up of plaque, cleans the parts brushes can't reach and removes bacteria and other infection from and between the teeth. It also goes a long way to prevent diseases that may affect the gum. The normal dental floss regimen involves pulling a strong but smooth string in both horizontal and vertical motions. When you manually do it, you will feel the area being cleaned and debris being pulled up. A water floss uses a jet stream of water to get the same debris and food particles out. The high pressure of the water pushes out food particles and other contaminants from the teeth crevices.

Are Water Flossers the Better Option?

Although they both get debris out, water flossers are not as efficient as regular floss when it comes to removing plaque. A water floss, on the other hand, can reach difficult to reach areas between your teeth.

When Do We Suggest Water Flossers?

Under normal circumstances, a regular dental floss is an ideal option for you. But if you have had a dental procedure, your teeth and gums may be sensitive and our dentists will suggest a water flosser. If you started wearing braces recently or have had a crown implant, then again, a water floss could be your best option.
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