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Most Common Concerns About a Root Canal

Posted on 10/25/2019 by Everwell Dentistry
Most Common Concerns About a Root CanalWhen it comes to getting a root canal if you've never experienced one, you may have heard some horror stories about them. It's our office's intention to explain to you what root canals involve and what can make them a painless experience. Not all root canal experiences are created equal. It's important to have the procedure done by a dental office like ours. One that possesses education learned from experience.

Myths About a Root Canal

They are extremely painful and should be avoided at all costs. No, the exact opposite is true for them. Any pain you feel during a root canal won't come close to the pain you are feeling with an abscessed tooth as long as it is performed correctly. If you leave it alone, the body will heal it eventually, right? Wrong, the longer you wait, the more at risk you are of losing the tooth completely. Waiting also puts you at risk of getting sick because of the infection and its ability to spread quickly into your bloodstream and other areas of your body.

Root Canal Explained

When you receive a root canal you can be given nitrous oxide, which numbs your mouth and appendages slightly. A numbing agent or gel will be rubbed near the infected tooth. Followed by more numbing material given via a shot, directly into the root area of your tooth. The dentist may apply a second shot to ensure you are completely numb if you are worried.

The shot is simply a quick pinch and the rest of the procedure your mouth is numb. Your tooth's root will be exposed in the center and small files will slide up and down it. This expands the root, removing all bacteria. A sealant is applied and hardened in the root canal. You receive a filling, then it is over. Simple and painless with practice.

Many people associate pain they were in during an infected tooth as part of the root canal process. When you have an office that is excellent at performing root canals like ours is, you shouldn't experience any further pain aside from the shot to numb your teeth. The shot is a quick pinch. If you are currently experiencing tooth pain or an abscessed tooth, call us immediately to schedule an appointment. We can alleviate that pain quickly and affordably.
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