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Oral Health Can Leave You Feeling Exhausted When It's Bad

Posted on 7/20/2019 by Everwell Dentistry
Oral Health Can Leave You Feeling Exhausted When It's BadProblems with your oral health show up in many ways. Toothaches, bleeding gums and missing teeth are some of the things that people may expect if they do not maintain good oral health.

There are also other ways that poor oral health can impact the way you feel. It can put a strain on your body that leaves you feeling exhausted. Understanding why this is can help you make the changes that help prevent it from continuing.

The Body's Natural Defense
The body provides its own defense from all the things that try to harm it. When you are sick, you get a fever. The fever is the body's reaction to trying to fight off whatever is wrong in the body. The same things happen if you struggle with oral health issues. The body will mount a defense against whatever is going on.

The defense against issues such as gum disease and infections in the mouth comes in the form of white blood cells. The body produces more of these cells to try to fight off the infection. Another way the body fights off oral health issues is through an immune system response. When the body is sick, the immune system works a little harder.

How This Makes You Tired

When the body produces more white blood cells, they take the place of red blood cells. The job of red blood cells is to bring oxygen to the body. When the body and muscles get less oxygen, they become fatigued. Because the white blood cells take the place of the red blood cells, there is less oxygen in the body.

The active immune system also results in a feeling of fatigue. It is a part of the body that has to work harder than normal. One last way that poor oral health causes exhaustion is the role that an infection plays on the flow of blood. The infection causes the blood to thicken, which means the circulatory system has to work harder to pump the blood and it gets tired.

If you feel tired and are dealing with oral health issues, recognize the connection. Take the steps to improve your oral health so you can feel invigorated again.

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