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How to Relieve a Toothache That Stems from Sinus Problems

Posted on 1/15/2019 by Everwell Dentistry
How to Relieve a Toothache That Stems from Sinus ProblemsWith the sinuses sitting so close to the mouth, these two parts of the body are interconnected in many ways. In fact, your sinus problems might lead to a toothache, and these are a few things that may help.

Take an Over-the-Counter Medication

If sinus pain and pressure are leaving you with a toothache, you don't have to stay in misery. Try an over-the-counter medication to relieve your discomfort. Your local pharmacist can recommend a decongestant or expectorant to dry out your sinus passages, relieving pressure. If your symptoms persist despite using these medications, you may want to see further medical assistance.

Use Steam
Steam can also help to relieve sinus pressure, and it is an easy solution to try on you or at home. Take a steamy shower, or simply turn the water on high and sit in the bathroom. This can help to cut back on mucus and decongestion.

Drink Plenty of Fluids
Water is essential for all facets of our life, but it can be especially helpful when you live with sinus problems. Water will hydrate the mucus membranes and inhibit mucus buildup. Should you become dehydrated, you might also want to drink something with electrolytes, as water doesn't naturally contain them.

Eat Spicy Foods
If you are congested or have significant sinus troubles, you may want to stock on some spicy foods. Chili peppers, jalapenos, and horseradish will pack a punch that can also thin out the mucous. You may even feel an instant sense of relief, which can make your tooth feel better.

If you have a consistent toothache that doesn't seem to get better with your sinus problems, another problem may be at play. Give our office a call to set up an appointment. We can inspect your teeth for signs of a problem and recommend appropriate treatment methods.
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