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What Happens if You Don't Use the Right Amount of Toothpaste?

Posted on 5/20/2018 by Everwell Dentistry
Toothpaste Everwell Dentistry MI 48104Do you know how much toothpaste is the right amount? If you pay attention to toothpaste commercials, it may seem like you need to cover the entire head of your toothbrush in it.

Those commercials always have a perfect swish of toothpaste that looks great on camera. Of course, recreating that swish on your own toothbrush isn't easy. It's also not really necessary-the amount of toothpaste used in commercials is actually too much!

Is Too Much Toothpaste Bad?

Too much toothpaste isn't really bad, but it is unnecessary and wasteful. There's no reason to use a large blob of toothpaste when a small amount is just fine. In fact, you don't even have to cover all of the bristles on your toothbrush!

Toothpaste actually doesn't help remove plaque. Your toothbrush does that. What toothpaste does is help make your mouth feel clean and fresh. As far as helping with your oral hygiene, you can brush without toothpaste and be just fine.

If you're using toothpaste with fluoride, it does help strengthen your teeth. Some toothpaste is also designed to help whiten your teeth, although it won't match what a professional cleaning or whitening treatment will do. Other toothpastes are designed for those with sensitive teeth.

These can help you brush your teeth without pain, but again, they're not actually making your teeth cleaner.

Can Too Much Toothpaste Cause Problems?

While most of the time using a lot of toothpaste won't cause you any problems, it can cause more canker sores if your toothpaste contains sodium laureth. This agent is a type of soap that makes toothpaste foamy.

Some people have a sensitivity to this agent, though, and can end up having more canker sores if they use a lot of toothpaste that contains it.

Remember, it's more about how you use your toothbrush than what you use on it! If you're not sure about your brushing habits, give us a call. We'll go over the best way to get your mouth clean so your brushing is more effective.
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