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Would it Be Easier to Function if You Underwent a Frenectomy?

Posted on 1/27/2018 by Everwell Dentistry
Frenectomy Everwell Dentistry MI 48104Do you struggle to use your mouth fully, or to lift your tongue the entire way off of the bottom of your mouth? Some people are born with strong bands of tissue that connect their upper lip and gum, or connect their tongue to the bottom of their mouth.

They normally do not impede the function of the mouth. However, occasionally this does happen. If you have a bit of trouble fully opening your mouth, you may want to ask if a frenectomy would be something that could help you.

What Does a Frenectomy Do?

A frenectomy is when those bands that connect your lip and gum, or tongue and floor of your mouth, are cut back. Some people have so much tissue there that their lip cannot open wide, or they struggle to lift their tongue up to speak. By trimming that tissue back, it can be something that allows more freedom in a person's mouth.

Typically, this is done in a dental office. There is a numbing agent given, the trimming is done, bleeding is minimal, and the recovery time is about a day or two. This is nothing massive, but the results can literally be life-changing. If you have been struggling with this type of issue, your dentist may be the solution you have been looking for.

A lot of people take their ability to smile for granted. They believe that everyone's mouth can open up like theirs, and don't quite see how hard it is for others.

Luckily, dentists see just how quickly they can restore a person's confidence by giving them a minor procedure that lets them smile, possibly for the first time. If your mouth isn't able to open up all the way, or it hurts to open your mouth, talk with your dentist. There may be a solution right around the corner.
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